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  3. Hey!

    I browsed your site and noticed you are using Magento. I work at a global full-service Magento agency with certified staff (Magento, Google, Amazon Web Services & more) and thought you might be interested in our services.

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  4. Hi.

    I am writing you to propose a future co-operation in Magento development and support.

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    We offer:
    – 24/7 Magento support
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    – Full project builds (idea to functional store)
    – 3rd party/CRM integrations
    – Security updates
    – Magento sale-driven design
    – Performance optimization
    – Responsive site builds
    – Site audit
    – CRO
    and more.. Just ask and we will get back to you.

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    Are you interested in any of the above? I am sure you would be satisfied with your services as we have many clients from all over the world that LOVE our services.

    Best regards,


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