My two week Blogiversary

welcome to eclectic

My blog is two weeks old today! I have no idea what I was expecting, but so far I’m loving it. This year has been really challenging and I almost got to the point where I lost my relentless and “naive” (to quote one of my best friends) belief in humanity. Well I have to say that the past two weeks have really started to restore my faith in this regard – and that’s down to YOU lovely people!

thank you rollip

As a very tiny thank you I’m starting an occasional reblog of some of my favourite posts from my new-found blog friends. First up is Melba Sunshine. One of those people that you just know you’d be friends with in real life, I love her use of colour and pattern in the below reblog, and her travel posts actually make me want to visit the places she’s describing, even if I’ve never heard of them, such as Troyes, France, featured in “A very french road trip.” She was also the very first person to like one of my posts and follow me! Thanks Melba Sunshine!

collaborate typography

12 thoughts on “My two week Blogiversary”

  1. Happy two week blogiversary Jo! Thank you so so much for your lovely words about my blog, and reblogging my posts, it has really brightened up a dreary, cold miserable day! Melba Sunshine was born on a wee bit of a whim about a year ago (I’m almost reaching my one year bloggiversary) during a challenging time for me and it was such a welcome creative outlet. Getting to connect with bloggers like yourself too, is also a lovely side of blogging I was’nt expecting. I’m really loving reading Eclectic feel and looking forward to sometime soon reblogging from your inspirational posts! Thank you so much x

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