My Four Week Blogiversary

Four weeks today! When I started this blog I was (and still am) recovering from pretty major shoulder surgery. I could hardly use my right arm (I’m right-handed) and could only manage short bursts of left-handed typing, timed to my painkiller intake. Fast forward a month, and I’ve had an awesome Christmas and new year, spent precious time with family, managed a bit of left-handed wild pony taming, and yesterday returned to work (well, every silver lining has a cloud). On top of this, when I combine my WordPress and Bloglovin’ followers I have 92 followers! To many of you, this may seem tiny, but to me, this is huge. Every new follower makes me feel proud and happy and “warms the cockles of my heart”! Thank you!

awesome interview questions for candidates

Here’s part 2 of my occasional “thank you for inspiring me” re-blog, this time featuring Karen over at Confetti and Curves. Karen has been sooo supportive, warm and welcoming, I feel lucky that she decided to follow my blog. She describes her blog as “my own little corner of the interweb where I can share my thoughts on a whole range of glam & glitzy topics namely beauty products, makeup, wedding tips, full size fashion for those voluptuous vixens amongst us & a little sprinkling of everyday family shenanigans”. However, her blog is more than that, it’s also full of creative and generous tips for bloggers, including newbies like me! See below re-blog as an example!

And don’t forget…

Free desktop wallpaper from

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