Friends with Benefit

I confess, I’m in love with Benefit. It started a few years ago with a make-up bag that came free with a magazine. Other magazine freebies followed – a small Benetint here, a dandelion lip gloss there…

My Benefit stash

Before I knew it, I was shyly hovering around the Benefit counter – now I can barely get through a month without buying something! Which brings me to my list of things I adore about Benefit…


The packaging – quirky, unusual, and cute, all of which of course makes it irresistible to an eclectic-natured girl like me. Allow me to present Exhibit A…CORALista


The smell – If smello-vision existed you would know what I meant, but try to imagine the smell of a hint of moisturiser, baby powder and your favourite perfume mixed in and you’ll get the idea.

benefit_bettyThe Porefessional – pore minimising primer. How does it work? Is it magic? It’s so smooth, so easy to apply, it makes your skin feel so soft, it hides flaws – I could go on…

the POREfessional

benefit_bettyOK then I will. The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine – the sophisticated sibling of the primer. This product is not afraid to take full responsibility for removing shiny face syndrome.

the POREfessional: agent zero shine > Benefit Cosmetics

benefit_lanaThe way that they always have exactly what you desperately need in your life, and can’t do without, but maybe didn’t even know it.

benefit_bettyMajorette – it’s a wondrous peach-coloured, awesome smelling cream-to-powder blusher. Easy to apply, suits all skin tones, and the first time I ever wore it a friend told me how healthy I was looking. Result!


benefit_bettyBathina – I actually would bath in this if I could. It’s a silky balm (and now available as a scented body mist and oil mist too) which comes in a cute tin with a little sponge, and just smells so good. Actually, I might have to go and put some on right now…hold on, I’ll be back…



OK. back and smelling good. BADgal liner waterproof  It’s the easiest eyeliner I’ve ever applied, even for a clumsy-clops like me. Forgiving of smudges, long lasting, and at the same time easy to remove (and FYI it’s the UK’s No.1 bestselling eye pencil). Eyebright – I apply this pale pink eyeliner to my lower waterline every morning before work and it instantly brightens up my eyes, making me look more healthy and awake (when I could really do with an extra hour of zzz’s).


benefit_bettyThe Benefit beauty counter – I’ve never met a Benefit staff member I didn’t love. They just seem to genuinely like the products – and not just because they’re getting paid! Always willing to make sure you find exactly the right product for you, have a gossip, share makeup tips – love them!

Next on my Benefit wish list is Dallas – an outdoor glow for an indoor gal (when’s payday?)


And finally, don’t forget…

9 thoughts on “Friends with Benefit”

  1. Hi Jo, Love this Post! I’m a fellow Benefit lover, its my payday splurge and you are right, the Benefit girls make you feel so lovely. My latest addition is ‘That Pearl Girl’, I went in to re-stock on ‘High beam’ which has been a makeup bag staple of mine for years and bought this instead, this is even nicer with a slightly golden glow…perfect for a bit of a lift in winter. This post makes me want to shop right now! Do you mind if I reblog a some point? x

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    1. Hello! Great to hear from you! That Pearl Girl sounds nice! I bought some Hoola for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it makes you look less winter deathly pallor and more healthy glow! I can’t imagine how I’ve done without up till now! Jo x


      1. ….ah Jo I’ve had a blonde moment, it’s actually called ‘Girl meets Pearl’ whoops. Will need to check out Hoola, how do us girls manage without these cheats during winter.

        Roll on summer! X

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      2. Haha! if that’s your blonde moment then you’ve got nothing to worry about – my blonde moment a couple of days ago was more like a senior citizen moment (made worse by the fact that I think I have my first wrinkle – gaaa) and involved me being about 1 millisecond from putting Benetint in my eye instead of eye drops!!!! In my defence I am knackered from lack of sleep (stress + shoulder op recovery pain = insomnia, who knew!) and they were EyeDew blue sparkly eyedrops to make me look less tired (would Alanis Morissette call that Ironic?) xx


      3. Oh my goodness! We all have days like that…hope you are feeling better after your op and your week has started off a little less stressful! Ps…I Manage to miss this reply only just noticed duh x

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  2. Benefit was the first beauty brand I fell in love with 🙂 I simply love their packaging design.

    Dallas is also my favorite blush by benefit so far but I must confess I haven’t tried the newer ones 🙂

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