Colour me Friday: The Extraordinary World of John Holcroft

John Holcroft is an English illustrator who grew up in the Northern counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire, where he spent most of his childhood “drawing, painting and making stuff from what ever I could find”. John’s illustrations offer a peek into the world of an extraordinarily creative mind with the ability to sum up modern society’s woes within a single colourful illustration. Here are my current favourites – check out more at

baskip brain bubble cauli commute happiness likeego matches rootboy sardines trap vacant

10 thoughts on “Colour me Friday: The Extraordinary World of John Holcroft”

  1. Oh wow these are amazing!!! Love it!! Must check out his website – thank you so much for sharing, haven’t heard of this artist until spotting your post!! Very thought provoking yet so innocently illustrated. Karen x


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