Everything I learnt about fashion, I learnt from 80’s Dallas

Hold on to your (cowboy) hats, because I’m about to (not quite scientifically) prove to you that, 24 years after it ended, Dallas is still influencing fashion in a major way. When I was growing up in the 80s, Dallas was compulsory viewing in our house. Yes, I do mean compulsory. Whatever was going on, my mum had a rule that it all stopped for Dallas – homework, chores, sibling squabbles, even if it was actually past our bedtimes – every Wednesday night, my mum, stepdad (begrudgingly), me, my five brothers and sisters and Sloopy the dog would race in to the living room, leap onto our alloted (and fiercely fought for) beanbags and faux-black-leather-and-chrome sofa spaces, and await with baited breath for the answers to last week’s cliffhanger.

images (4)
My ’80’s Family

Perhaps the reason Dallas had such a huge influence on my sartorial life (though I didn’t know the word then), was that we lived in a large white farmhouse in the country, surrounded by fields and horses? Perhaps it was that our family was large, dramatic and alternatively squabbling/best friends on a daily basis? Maybe because my initials are JR? Anyway, folks, may I present the evidence for the eternal fashion power of Dallas:

Peachy Blusher

images (7)
Then: Pam – you can never have too much blusher
Now: Benefit Majorette, £23.50


Image result for sue ellen hat
Then: Sue Ellen. Rollers, hairspray and a touch of toupe tape. Nothing more to add to this, really.
Now: L’oreal Fibrology + awesome genetics = Blake Lively


Then: Lucy – love the plaits too!
hmprod (4)
Now: H&M dungarees, £20


images (27)
Then: Actually, this whole outfit could work in 2015. From the knee up. And the neck down.
Millie's Style Diary
Now: Millie Mac channelling Sue-Ellen during one of her “JR’s messed up again” moods

Cowboy Chic

images (18)
Then: Lucy. I need this necklace.
Now: Ultra-hip Zara 2015 cowboy chic. Don’t think I’m cool enough to pull this off, sadly.

Lip gloss

Then: Sue-Ellen channelling Millie Mac channelling Sue-Ellen. Situation status: Tense. Lip gloss status: Perfect.
Now: Maybelline showing that lip gloss, and pouting, never go out of style.


Then: I adore Lucy’s jumpsuit is this pic. Pam’s – not so much.
Now: Frill Jumpsuit by Wal G, £38

Suede fringing

Then: I must have this jacket. And then I must immediately remove the shoulder pads.
Now: Topshop suede tasselled clutch, £38

Jewel brights – never be afraid of colour

images (28)
Then: jewel brights and pensive stares

images (24)

Image 1 of ASOS Clean Pencil Dress with Cowl Back
Now: ASOS Clean Pencil Dress with Cowl Back, £40
Y.A.S Colour Contrast Coat, £90.00

The power blouse

images (15)
I really must work on my pensive stares
Image 2 of SHIRT WITH BOW COLLAR from Zara
Now: Zara Shirt with Bow Collar, £25.99

Stay in the closet please… clip-on earrings, red leather, shoulder pads, and blue eyeshadow up to the eyebrow (sorry, Sue-Ellen!)

images (12)

images (11)images (9)

images (14)


3 thoughts on “Everything I learnt about fashion, I learnt from 80’s Dallas”

  1. I love it. Another gal who was influenced by the gems of the 80s. Of course Dallas continues to influence fashion. For better or worse, the 80s was a unique time in fashion. Some parts I love and are etched in my brain forever, and other parts I wonder what in the world we were thinking. Fun post!

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    1. Thank you! When I look back (at the risk of sounding old), it was definitely a more innocent time, and there was not the pressure to look a certain way that teenagers have today (that does not excuse some of my 80s outfit choices though – I remember having a whole outfit that was neon orange and turquoise, even the shoes and socks! And of course my “purple” phase, eek!) Jo x

      Liked by 1 person

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