Ten Quirky Terrariums

I was browsing and rummaging my way around the lovely Tynemouth flea market recently when I found one of the Holy Grail items of unnecessary but somehow vital purpose – an old terrarium.

What is a terrarium, I hear you cry! Is it a place for fish or reptiles to live? No. That’s an aquarium or a vivarium. A terrarium is a glass container for growing plants, which can be open or sealed (with a little door for maintenance).

The old terrarium at the flea market was swiftly bought (by me) for the end-of-day-clearing-up-time bargain price of £9. Now clean and with a small pane of glass fixed, it lies empty on the living room shelf, watching me mournfully, and hopefully awaiting my imagination to kick in and fill it with awesome quirkiness (which I’m thinking may involve cacti and dinosaurs, and will no doubt become another blog post). Until then, here are 10 quirky terrarium ideas that other people with a little more time on their hands thought of, to tide us over any lean terrarium-idea times.


Not in Kansas Anymore

Not in Kansas Anymore // Terrarium

Stop Mossing About


Waiter! There’s a hippo in my terrarium!


Gnome more room at the Inn

tiny terrarium

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Terrarium

Master Luke, Come Back!


Give me Coffee and TV

This cute terrarium in a coffee pot is super easy to DIY

Build Me Up, Buttercup

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Light Bulb Moment


Space Age


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