I love TED

ep28_extrasensory_wide-2ee7d2146cae8022f9de58a1daea3845e92a9dd8-s300-c85I’ve spent a lot of this year on the road for work…endless 6-8 hour commutes alone to spend endless unwanted weeks away from home. After a few months, I became (temporarily) bored of almost all music (and I LOVE music), radio, scenery (and we’re talking epic scenery)…you get the picture. Repetition is not good for an eclectic mind. I have the attention span of a gnat.  What kept me going was discovering podcasts (I know, I need to get with the programme, everybody else has been listening to podcasts for years, but up until now I just assumed that they would be an unwanted distraction from my very important “singing in the car” time). More on my top podcast choices for the easily bored in a future post, but I just stumbled upon these images on the TED website and it made me think about driving with chronic shoulder pain, feeling down after yet another bad week away, in the dark and the rain, then putting on a TED Radio Hour podcast and being instantly transported away to Awesome Imagination Land and learning what it’s like to hear colour, or whether a prosthetic limb can feelThanks TED.

Here’s 2 reasons why I’m a little bit in love with TED…

1941436_10153904916400652_232152363_o 1979996_10153908617950652_833285430_o

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