Colour me Friday – Palmeral Green Design

This week’s Colour me Friday is inspired by House of Hackney’s Palmeral Green collection. I discovered this collection a couple of months ago when I suddenly decided that I’d like to have a botanical/tropical theme in the living room and since then, whilst I can’t afford to re-decorate the living room on a whim, I have become a bit obsessed with this colour theme. If you haven’t discovered House of Hackney yet, it was founded in London in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley. Their quest was ‘to take the beige out of interiors’ with an emphasis on quality, design and Made in England.

Wintergarden - Bridgette Ashton
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House of Hackney’s collection of prints and products are traditional but also bold and subversive, modern and eclectic. In their own words: “The Palmeral print pays homage to Loddiges, one of the world’s largest palm houses based in Hackney during the Georgian period. A mecca for tropical plants, it was the original inspiration for many of the species at Kew Gardens today. An Art Deco inspired patio print, Palmeral features an explosion of palm leaves reminiscent of 1930s Palm Springs”. The colour also reminds me of walking the Greenstone and Abel Tasman tracks in New Zealand’s South Island, and listening to the sound of the Bellbird and Tui ringing out.


I’ve included my Palmeral favourites below, plus some budget alternatives. Hope you like!

PALMERAL Medium Linen Cushion White / Green
PALMERAL Medium Linen Cushion £75 HoH
PALMERAL White Pineapple Lamp - White / Green
PALMERAL White Pineapple Lamp £495 HoH
PALMERAL Teapot - White / Green
PALMERAL Teapot £70 HoH
PALMERAL Cosmetic Wash Bag - White / Green
PALMERAL Cosmetic Wash Bag £45 HoH
PALMERAL 'De Beauvoir' Screen - White / Green
PALMERAL ‘De Beauvoir’ Screen £2,250 HoH
PALMERAL 'Filey' Espadrille - White / Green
PALMERAL ‘Filey’ Espadrille £125 HoH
PALMERAL Set of Four Coasters - White / Green
PALMERAL Set of Four Coasters £25 HoH
PALMERAL 'Unisex' Sweatshirt - White / Green
PALMERAL ‘Unisex’ Sweatshirt £185 HoH
Palm Trees Cushion Cover
Palm Trees Cushion Cover £18 Twentysevenpalms
Palm Floral Skinny Scarf Ted Baker £35.00
Image 1 of Mr Gugu & Miss Go Palm iPhone 5 Case
Palm iPhone 5 Case Mr Gugu & Miss Go £15.00
Image 1 of ASOS DREAMER Plimsolls
Dreamer Plimsolls ASOS £8.00
Palm Leaf Earrings
Palm Leaf Earrings I Love Crafty £15
Printed Legging in Green Palm Leaf £12 Motel

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