My Two Month Blogiversary

Two Months! I remember sitting down two months ago and thinking how amazing it would be to get maybe five followers (and begging my nearest and dearest to be my first followers – did anyone else do this or just me?). Here’s five things I’ve learned from my two months as a blogger, hope you can relate: 🙂

1. Topics I’ve posted/shared across my blog social media in the past week include shoes (obv), fashion, make up, interior design (so far, so lifestyle blogg-y); but also – what it would be like to live on Venus; that I’m doing my first book review for Blogging for Books (and I have a free book); lots of candy pink pins for a Colour me Friday post I’m writing on fashion illustration; how Guiseppe Santa Sauce are making an album song by song via Bandcamp pledges; and a weird YouTube video I found looking at the synchronicity of The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (watch below – alternately spooky and cheesy!). In other words, my hope that I could connect with people worldwide on a wide range of eclectic subjects – and really be myself – has been confirmed, thank you!

2. It’s easy (and fun) to make posts look pretty. It’s really hard to make them look perfect. But that’s OK. I’m not representing the UK at the world’s-most-perfect-looking-blog championships.

3. I’ve been nominated for 4 blog awards. I have ads. I kind of know how to put text widgets in correctly. I award myself a pat on the back. However, when I post something, I have no idea what it is I’m doing/not doing to make it more or less popular (except make-up posts. It seems everyone loves make-up posts).

4. Blogging sure is good for my slight OCD tendancies – I’m loving the regular number-crunching social media stats updates I can give myself via The Blogger Programme. Only problem is, it claims that my Bloglovin’ stats show that I’m wildly popular with 751 followers, yay me! Except the (also awesome, but slightly less showy) truth is I have 146 followers (oh wait, now I have 147, thanks Bones and Bruises!) So I must go in and amend them manually on a regular basis in the name of honesty. Annoying – yes – but strangely exciting! A round-up of my two month blogiversary stats across all social media (WordPress, Bloglovin’, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, FB, Pinterest and Google +) shows an amazing total of 1253! And if anyone knows an easier way of getting these figures, please let me know!

5. There may be some wrong uns in the world, but there at least 1253 lovely people out there. Here’s my two month blogiversary thank-you reblog – this time it goes to Maryke at Awesome is a Colour. Maryke describes her blog as  “an online magazine of design and decor”. I love her quirky and honest take on the DIY and craft projects she does, and I love her “Hello” section: “My day job is in communications and social media, but at night I don a cape and trek across the Net in search of the pretty, the new, the awesome. Inspired by these, I frequently DIY or craft, but I’m not naturally talented, which is a fatal combination, leaving my garage littered with unfinished, sad looking projects. But onwards we go”. I still love her botanical print plate, even if it’s a “project fail”!


22 thoughts on “My Two Month Blogiversary”

  1. You did a great job on the graphics, here–a much better job than I can do (obviously, from the way my content looks). I’m looking into some design software but it must be easy! Looks like you’re off and running in the right direction. ~best wishes!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve just followed your blog, and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. Well, that’s the wrong word to use obviously but hope you know what I mean. Anyway it’s very well written and engaging, well done and good luck, keep in touch. Jo x


  2. Thank you lovely Karen for being so supportive! I’m in a “good times” mood with my blog at the minute, my blog and I are getting along very well with each other! Long may it last! Jo xx


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