Colour me Friday: Red Nose Day

Yippee! It’s Red Nose Day! For any non-UK readers who haven’t heard of it before, it’s an awesome day of fun to raise money for Comic Relief. the money raised is spent to transform the lives of millions of people, both at home in the UK and across Africa, and is much beloved by us Brits. Comic Relief alternates every other year with Sport Relief, which raises money for the same good causes, but with less custard pies and more hard graft. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you do, just do something funny for money! If you can’t do, watch Comic Relief all of Friday evening on the BBC, and give some money!

This year, Comic Relief is even closer to my heart, as my “little sis” Racheal, who at 21 is the oldest daughter of the Ugandan family I help to support, messaged me yesterday to say that she has Malaria. A donation of just £5 to Comic Relief could provide two mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of Malaria – you could do it right now, like I just did, via text:

Here’s another 3 ways you can support Red Nose Day:

1. DONATE at

2. SPONSOR DJ and presenter Dermot O’Leary as he attempts to dance for 24 hours!

3. BUY one of these lovely Henry Holland-designed Red Nose Day T-shirts (or choose from lots more stuff here):

“To say to someone in James’ position ‘go get a mosquito net’ is like telling someone in the UK to go build a helipad in the back garden. It’s just beyond most people’s reach. It might not seem like much money to us, but it can be a fortune to someone like James.”

Comedian John Bishop reporting on Malaria in Uganda.


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