Copper Spray Paint Superhero!


A couple of months ago I did a Colour me Friday post on Copper Interior Design – and since then, I’ve become a little obsessed with it. But I’m currently buying a house, and don’t have any spare cash – What’s a girl to do? So I decided to combine thriftiness and a good old pre-move clearout to see if I could become a copper spray paint superhero…


I searched my local high street for washi tape in vain, so I decided to buy a copy of this month’s Ideal Home magazine to console myself. In a moment of serendipity, this month’s edition came with a free set of washi tapes!



As well as the washi tape, you will also need masking tape, old newspaper, mini glue dots, scissors, and copper spray paint (I used Rustoleum Painters Touch in copper). The vodka is not a “material” (unless things go badly!), but is actually an old empty tin which I’m going to spray. I’m also spraying a simple design onto a plant pot, a coffee tin and an old jam jar – so basically you can use whatever you have lying around.


Apply masking tape in horizontal stripes. Simples.




Cut out newspaper stars. Secure to can and lid with glue dots.


Apply washi tape to jar in diagonal stripes.


Cover lid with overlapping strips of washi tape. Trim ends off neatly around rim of lid, then carefully apply a strip of tape along the lid edge. Smooth down to remove creases.



Apply 2 or 3 light coats. Allow 15-30 minutes between coats.

later on

Remove all tape and newspaper before the final coat is dry (you can remove the glue dots later). Once dry (I left mine overnight), clean up any smudges or drips with nail polish remover and cotton wool buds.


copper plant potcopper coffee can copper jar



The coffee tin lid and the vodka tin did NOT work out. The copper spray sometimes inexplicably came out in spurts and bubbles, resulting in imperfections.

But I’m fairly happy with everything else 🙂

the end

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