Things I found in the attic… Vintage Books for Girls

On a recent trip back to my parents farmhouse, I finally decided (after being assured that it was now probably a rat-free zone) to brave the attic – an activity I had been both looking forward to and dreading for years. What treasures would I find? And would they all have been eaten by rats?

The answer is – some treasures (depending on your definition of treasures), and some rat damage. I managed to salvage a fair amount with the help of one brave sister and our mum shouting instructions from below. Amongst the salvage were these beautiful vintage books for girls – had they belonged to my mum? My grandmother? They aren’t in the best condition but I absolutely love their vintage black and white drawings, vibrant technicolour pictures, quintessentially British can-do attitude (we’ll jolly well show those rotters! And then make them a lovely cup of tea!) and Britain-of-yesteryear language. Dear old Blighty! The most fun for me has been randomly opening the pages and “marvelling” and “chortling” (two classic Britain-of-yesteryear words!) at the fragments of stories and pictures, and wondering what on earth they’re about. I hope you enjoy doing the same…


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10 thoughts on “Things I found in the attic… Vintage Books for Girls”

      1. Oh , wow that means so much , of course you can! The more pointlessness we can spread may actually lead to a drop in ‘supposed pointful’ things that are actually the real pointlessness

        In simpler terms, spread the tomatos xx

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      2. Awesome, thank you! Spain may have it’s Tomatina festival, Warhol may have his Campbell’s Condensed soup. But we have the tomato stand and its amazing power of meaningful meaninglessness. Jo x


    1. Thank you Karen! Yes it was worth braving the potential rats in the attic… I got some awesome 80’s stuff for a future post too! Not that I’m old enough to remember the 80’s or anything! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Jo x

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      1. OOoooh the thought alone sends shivers down my spine though I’d take a rat over a spider anyday!!! Bloody terrified of them 😦 whey hey – I just may remember.. I was an 80’s child so looking forward to that post 😉 hehe X

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