Colour Me Friday: Hot Pink flockOmania!

And now for something completly different… Welcome to flockOmania!

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-47 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-51

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-54 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-57

flockOmania was a solo exhibition created earlier this year by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson, showcasing wearable objects to explore the notion of Jewellery and Performance. Huh? Over to the flockOmaniacs to explain:

“The exhibition has been created in response to a collaborative relationship with dance artists Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris. Their background in contemporary dance, movement improvisation and site based performance has provided the catalyst for this body of work”.

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-44 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-42

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-39 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-36

“The resulting jewellery is theatrically-sized to emphasise and explore themes relating to the scale and movement of the body. The objects have been meticulously handmade using a mix of traditional craft skills in combination with industrial processes and new technology”.

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-32 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-30

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-20 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-17

“Overall the exhibition will challenge the traditional display of jewellery whereby the work will hang freely in the space and not be typically displayed behind glass. The space will be seen as a laboratory of making in which the dance artists will improvise movement and the audience will be invited to interact with the work on show”.

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-5 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-4

flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-3 flockomania-by-zoe-robertson-image-credit-christian-kipp-2

Love it, hate it or don’t understand it – but however you feel it sure looks FUN! Sadly, flockOmania is over for now, let’s hope it comes back next year! For more jewellery-based dance inspo, head to

Image Credits: Christian Kipp

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