Top 10 Quirky Jewellery pieces to brighten up your Spring wardrobe

If you’re bored to death of your winter wardrobe and currently dipping your toe cautiously into spring fashion, you could do worse than to add some quirky accessories to liven things up a bit. Here’s my top 10 picks for colourful, rebellious and carefree jewellery to brighten up your spring wardrobe:

Roar dinosaur necklace, Sour Cherry £14
Resin Fruit Earrings, Bimba y Lola £50
Water Lily Gold Bangle/Cuff/Jewelry/Fashion Jewellery - available for immediate shipping
Water Lily Gold Bangle, Pixalum £32.00
Breton Anchor Necklace
Breton anchor necklace, Tatty Devine £25
I Just Need Some Space Man Astronaut Necklace, Eclectic Eccentricity £16.50

Candy Striped Earrings, Ivor and Belle £4
American Gothic wooden brooch, LisasPieces £8.00
Tiger Teeth Necklace, Creature Jewellery £90
Beetle Ring, Bimba y Lola £39
Image 4 of BANDANA NECKLACE from Zara
Bandana necklace, Zara £25.99
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