Out of time

Time, time, time, see what’s become of me, while I looked around for my possibilities…

And it’s time, time, time that you learned…

I need a little time to think things over…

I haven’t looked at my blog for a week and a half. I love looking at my blog, so there is only one reason for this – time. In the past two weeks I’ve working away in the flat fens of East Anglia and in the shadow of the mountainous Lake District. Rushing from east coast to west coast, visiting my parents, taming wild rescue ponies and working on social media for the awesome PACT Animal Sanctuary, sorting out my parent’s camper van (packed to the brim with charity stuff), managing projects, going to a Foo Fighters gig, running the Newcastle branch of the Women’s Equality Party, going to my niece’s hen do dressed as Samantha from SATC, doing great crested newt surveys in the evenings and environmental education for schoolchildren in the daytime. Oh, and as our house purchase fell through a couple of weeks ago at the last minute, whenever I’m home I’ve been viewing houses every evening… and on Saturday, literally on the way to a friend’s wedding we bought a house!

My beautiful wild rescue pony, Tarren

And in the back of my mind, all the while, is a little voice saying “blog…neglect…blog…neglect”. Having built my blog up to something I’m really proud of, I’m now watching my stats plummet – and all because of (lack of) time.

Channelling Samantha Jones

So is the end result of this frenzy of activity a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction? Heck, no. I’m at home, sick with a terrible ear infection (because I have no time to go to the doctor). I have dirty hair and I can’t remember when I last went to the gym. My usually pristine, gel coloured nails are bare and ragged, as whilst away in yet another hotel I had to commit the ultimate sin of peeling them off (I can hear a collective gasp).

20141211_204505 (2)

What’s a girl to do? How about a 5-point plan of action (why 5? no reason. I’m making this up on the hoof) – could I possibly start to get myself back on track between now and Monday morning using an arbitrary list of 5 things which I’m thinking of right now? Let’s see:

1) Get. Some. Freaking. Ear. Drops.

2) Eat some fruit and get some vitamins (life on the road = hard times fruit-wise).

3) Whilst lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself I can give myself a manicure. This will make me feel better psychologically, like a proper person doing proper, normal things. Don’t know why but this always works for me.

4) Chill the f**k out this weekend. For once we have no plans. I can catch up on the sky planner (down to 4% again); tend to my orchids; spend some time with my boyfriend; play with my cat Dolly Parton. Normal human stuff.

5) I need to catch up on Leo Babuata’s fabulous Zen Habits. I’ve been avoiding it because I know he’s always right…

Practicing Slowness & Being Present

By Leo Babauta

In our rush to get through the tasks of our day, to complete our errands and answer emails, to look at the next video or link we find … when do we think we’ll find happiness? If it’s not here right now, when will it come? Maybe we think it’ll come when we improve our lives, or meet our goals, or succeed at our business, or finish our college degree. Maybe it’ll come when we go on that next trip, or when we find time to relax. Maybe tomorrow. Or we could try this:

  • Slow down instead of rushing.
  • Pause to savor the current moment.
  • Really notice everything about the moment, and find small things to appreciate.
  • Be grateful for what there is right here, right now.
  • Allow the things that are bothering you to just be in your life, without fighting with them, without pushing them away.
  • Don’t allow little things to offend you. They’re not worth ruining this moment.

Let the beauty of this moment wash over you like a warm foamy wave. These are all things we already know. But we don’t actually do them. The key here is practice. If you don’t practice being present, slowing down, enjoying the moment right now, when will you practice? What are you practicing now instead? Start your practice this moment. ‘When you live completely in each moment, without expecting anything, you have no idea of time.’ ~Shunryu Suzuki

Aah… I already feel a little better 🙂

One thought on “Out of time”

  1. Wow Jo you are way to harsh on yourself!! Your blog is looking awesome! I know the feeling of being mega busy, hats off to you for having such an awesome blog. Last weekend I did a five point plan for getting by blogging going again, easier said than done. Cool post x

    Liked by 1 person

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